Monday, April 30, 2012

Douchebag and the scam that is being run at Diversifed agency

I had once upon time worked for this company, fast forward to an accident at work. I than got the surgery needed and asked instead of sitting around to go back to work and do light duty. This jerk off starts getting on my case about such things as physiotherapy and seeing my doctor. Remember folks that my surgeon did not even want me to set a foot outside my place, I asked for the light duty.

WCB charges for every dollar given to me three dollars to the company. So instead of thanking me this douchebag and diversified staffing ganged up on me , and stated they no longer have light duty work.

That is fine I got back on WCB and hope they are feeling WCB shoving that stick up his but than he probably enjoys that . But my point is I learned so much about working in the office of this company in the one month doing light duty.

1) They laugh and insult employees behind there back.
2) I saw with own eyes files with stickies stating certain employees who had bad breath or body odour.
3) How a company would be paying them $30hr and they are forcing desperate people who are living on the streets or trying to save up for a place to work for$12 or less or they will black list them for refusing a job. I have seen it with my own eyes and have listened to phone as they are telling one another not to give certain person the job for refusing an earlier job.

4) They don't care if you are sick , cannot make it on time due to what ever, they want when they say jump , you say how high. I have seen qualified people being refused jobs for the simple reason they dont want employer to see your skills and than hire you on. They sent unqualified people to jobs in order to make there money. That is how I GOT HURT, working with employee who was not qualified to do the job nor trained properly by them. But they lie to employers about his or her qualifications and than send them.

No wonder they let me go from light duties and my filling job. I have Character and was not one of his trolls that he could bully around. This company released me for having a dissibility that I got from doing contract work for them.

I also was not liked while in the downtown office for giving advice to injured employees or giving them advice on places that were hiring. Temp agencies in most cases are good , supply and demand . I have no problem with them, but this Joe Clay who thinks he can walk on the less fortunate in our society is wrong and hope he gets his day.

He is bully to his staff and employees , which is shame for a company that I thought was a good company. They even sent my cheque to another office , when I told them not to on purpose. So the douchebag award for 2012 goes to Joe Clay who works and Hitler in downtown. He hates common sense and will argue like a woman about nothing. He is snake oil salesman and the public should be aware of him and this company at all costs.

If you know more snake oil salesman please report them ASAP.

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